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Who cares about customers?

november 16, 2010

You would think that in a global economy like ours, if you buy a global brand of some product it would work anywhere on the globe wouldn’t you? Well, that’s  not how it works. I bought a HP printer in the US and thought it would be a piece of cake to bring it to Sweden. But it turned out I can’t buy the printer cartridges anywhere!

3 American and 2 European cartridges - can you see the difference?

Even though there are a million different versions of cartridges for different printer models, there are also different cartridges for the same printer model in different regions of the world! So I have to get the printer de-regionalized, whatever that means…  That’s necessary in order to be able to use European cartridges in my American printer. So I turned to HP’s helpdesk. They always promise to get back to you within one business day. Which they usually do. If you’re lucky, a correspondence with 10 mails only takes two weeks. Unfortunately it didn’t work after our long mail conversation.

Finally they revealed to me that there is actually telephone number I can call instead of this tedious mailing. And after following step-by-step instructions over the phone, I hopefully waited for the magic code that would be mailed to me. It didn’t come.

So I contacted them again. And we went through the whole procedure again. And now I’m waiting again…

My conclusion is, HP doesn’t only make very expensive cartridges and make it very complicated by having so many versions. They also want to make it complicated to bring their products over the borders. And even more complicated to reach their help desk. Who cares about customers? They’re just a nuisance anyway, aren’t they?

Right now I really need my printer for my work. Very frustrating. I wish I could just forget about the whole thing, find a sunny spot and relax just like Mr S:

I'm an expert when it comes to chillin'