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Echoes of marching boots

november 9, 2010

Today it’s been 72 years since Crystal Night (or Night of Broken Glass). And the world is entirely different today isn’t it. Or is it?

It was just a few days ago that Angela Merkel flirted with the xenophobics and said that the multicultural society has failed. And the Danish Government just decided to make it harder for immigrants to get into Denmark. And two months ago the Swedish government got a party with xenophobia on its program. And similar hostile voices are heard all over the place.

But: Today is also the anniversary of the day when the Berlin wall was torn down, symbolizing the birth of a more open and democratic era. I remember so well how excited we were and what great hopes we had for a better world. Maybe the world can still turn back onto that track?

And: Today is also the day when the police caught the man who has been shooting at immigrants in Malmö. At least if they got the right guy. Apparently he has some mental disorder. I’m glad that he’s crazy – it wouldn’t make sense if someone with a normal brain would shoot innocent people. It’s just sad that one of his victims is already dead.