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Meat-free Mondays

januari 10, 2011

If everybody would have the same eating habits as we do in Sweden, we would need three globes to feed the world’s population (and the US habits would require five…). Luckily (?) for us, almost one billion people are starving. And what will the situation be when the world’s population has doubled in a couple of decades?

In Sweden we get about twice as much protein as we need whereas they in Kongo Kingshasa only get half of what they need. But it’s not just a matter of proteins – it’s about where they come from. The production of meat requires far more resources than other sources and worst by far is the production of beef.

And the consumption of resources is only one part of the problem. The contribution to greenhouse gases is another. And again, beef production is the worst. Even if you would eat chicken seven days a week it would still produce less green house gases than one serving of beef.

So does that mean everybody has to become vegans? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But changing eating habits – definitely! You don’t need meat and fish every day. We eat vegetarian food rather often in my family even though only one of us is a vegetarian (my daughter). My son did a project in school where he wrote down exactly what he was eating for a period of time. And even though he was getting vegetarian food a couple of days per week, he still got all the nutrients he needed with good margin and even more proteins than necessary.

I’ve heard the expression ”meat-free Mondays” among non-vegetarians who want a healthier and more sustainable life style. Why not try that for a start!


Love, peace and understanding is not in fashion…

januari 6, 2011

While we’re still wrestling with the fact that terrorism has moved in on our own back yard, there came more saddening news from abroad: the assassination of Salman Tasir, governor of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It seems he was killed for his tolerant views. And there are so many questions: Why was an extreme fundamentalist assigned to be his body guard? Why didn’t the other body guards fire at the shooter? Why does someone start a Facebook page in support of the killer?