Life changing moments

Some days are very special because something happens that will change your life for ever. Today, exactly 17 years ago was such a day. It was a cold winter day, just like today and snowflakes big as quarters fell outside the window. Before that, my only responsibility was myself. But that day a new man came into my life. A very tiny one.

And boy, was that a lucky day! Isn’t it amazing that I happened to get the most beautiful, talented, intelligent and wonderful baby in the world?

Here he is with his buddy Erik, one and a half year later:

And time flies. Have you seen this ad? The boy does look a lot like Freddi.

Not even I can claim that he’s a baby anymore. But the most wonderful 17 year old for sure.

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Ett svar to “Life changing moments”

  1. Erika Says:

    Samma kille nu som då. Bara femhundra gånger större. Ungefär.


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