Lame excuses

The discussion that followed the publishing of name and photo of the suspected gunman in Malmö is really lame – both the pros and cons!

Those in favor of publishing say that the name and picture is already on the web. But there are many things on the web, porn for instance. Does that mean that newspapers should take after and publish porn? Does anyone care about the ethical rules that apply to newspapers and magazines? Or the simple ”presumed innocent until proven guilty” approach? So the fact that people can find it on the web is lame excuse for exposing a maybe innocent person’s life (and his family’s!) in order to sell more newspapers.

But even more strange: those against publishing say that having the picture on the newspaper placards will disturb a witness confrontation. But of course a witness can search the web for the pictures anyway. That’s a lame argument too. Why doesn’t anybody say: That’s not how the newspapers work in Sweden – we have certain ethical rules. We don’t expose victims, we’re extra careful when children are involved AND we don’t ruin a possibly innocent person’s life by publishing name and picture.

Is ethics not in fashion anymore?

Over to something else: Me and fantastic little Grandessa had another very nice day at GRFK yesterday. Part two of the style jumping series resulted in one more clear-round. Very happy. 🙂

Grandessa ❤


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