Too much and too little

Dear readers,

you are so wonderful who keep checking in on me even though I’ve been the most negligent blogger lately. I can tell from the counter on my blogg site that I actually had an all time high in visitors yesterday (!), even though it’s been a week since my last post.

I will shape up – promise!

I have not been neglecting my blog because nothing is happening. It’s actually the other way around. It’s just been too much work, too much coughing (a stubborn cold that just won’t give in), too many new songs to learn for the Christmas concert (has it become more difficult to memorize lyrics and music lately…) and too much November greyness that drains all energy. Hence too little blogging.

But a fun-filled week-end with a big party with family and friends, horses and quartet practise reminded me of what a lucky person I am.

See ya!


Ett svar to “Too much and too little”

  1. Karin Lingmerth Says:

    Känner igen mig i det där, förutom att jag inte sjunger då, men mitt bloggande lider också av novembertröttheten…


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