Having a Volvo in Volvoville

Time to say good-bye to my Saab from 1993, my Dad’s old car. Good old PNY has been a good pal, hardly ever ”ill” or reluctant to work. When my Dad bought the car it was brand new and he was very proud of it. And I’ve never listened to anybody who told me that it’s uncool or an old man’s car. I’ve always liked it!

Good old PNY

But I’ve finally realized that it’s just a matter of time before the great demise starts, and in addition I’ve been talking about getting an environmentally friendly car for years. But there were a lot of tricky questions: How do you combine environment with a car that’s big enough to fit four tall people? And what type of engine – gas, hybride, diesel, electricity? But the selection narrowed down more and more as I tried to figure out the equation and in the end there were a couple of cars that were pretty similar.  And the winner was Volvo V50. Fuel consumption is 0.4 liters per 10 kilometers (0,017 gallons per mile) which is less than half compared to old PNY.

I’ve never bought a new car. This is something I thought they only did in TV-commercials:

Tada! The dramatic unveiling!

Even though I think my old car did a very good job, I must confess that it’s fun to drive a new car. It’s so smooth and quiet! And has a lot of clever devices. There sure has been some product development in 17 years…

...and we're off!

So one question remains. Having a Volvo in Volvoville – will I be able to find my car in a parking lot?


3 svar to “Having a Volvo in Volvoville”

  1. Karin Lingmerth Says:

    🙂 Du kommer få problem. Jag har en SAAB 9-5 och får ibland tror folk det är en Volvo, t ex på bensinmackar och så. Sjukt… Volvo är liksom så standard i den här stan att man tror att även andra bilar det 😉

  2. Erika Says:

    Grattis grattis till nya fina bilen hurrar vi på Mikaelsvägen!!!

  3. bodil hallbäck jeppsson Says:

    grattis till den nya bilen, det måste kännas vidunderligtatt ändtra ett så helt vidunderligt transportmedel- tänk att bara få se den blå ridån dras av denna helt brand new.Kör försiktigt…….
    kram svärmor


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