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Crowds, celebrities and sore feet

september 27, 2010

The annual book fair is a great event every fall here in Göteborg. This year is no exception. And every year I tell myself that NEXT year, I will plan much better ahead, decide who to meet, what to see and what to do.

It’s not just about books. Of course there are publishing firms and writers presenting their latest books. But there are also international charity organizations,  IT companies presenting programs for libraries, magazines, TV-stations, and much more.

My journalist friend Florence has started a publishing firm. Very impressive! Here she is discussing a new book with the author and some interested people:

And there are always a lot of celebrities – and even more semi-celebrities. The latter are more visible, simply because they are more interested in being noticed.

Jonas Hallberg. Famous for... I don't really know. But you see and hear him often in the radio etc

Alexandra Pascalidou, journalist and author of a cook book

Märta Tikkanen

Even the king was there:

OK. Not REALLY the king. But close enough 🙂

They had an interesting theme this year: African writers. There is a lot of prejudice in that area. African writers are a really diverse group and most of them don’t fit in the traditional stereotypes. I listened to some of them talking about their books. Since these lectures were in French, I really had to sharpen my ears and focus. Luckily they were polite and spoke very slowly and articulated.

Many african writers this year

Many interesting things to check out. But after a couple of hours my feet and ears were sore and pushing my way through the packed sea of human bodies got very exhausting after a while. Next year I’ll be better prepared and draw a map of where to go and what to do 🙂 !

Celebrate our freedom!

september 19, 2010

Now I’ve done my duty as a good citizen – I’ve voted. We have to keep reminding ourselves that there are people who are prepared to die, fighting for rights that we take for granted. Here’s a picture from an old scrapbook:

It’s me and my Dad (he made fantastic scrapbooks for us kids). He’s wearing a nice suit because voting is important business. My father was born in 1925 and had very clear memories from World War II. He taught me that it matters who is running your country.

If you say that all political parties are the same (”in Sweden they’re all in the middle anyway”), and don’t bother to vote, then you’re opening the door for more dubious parties. In the end, maybe we can’t take our fantastic rights for granted anymore.

It feels great to vote. For those who haven’t done it yet: there are still a few hours left to jump up from the couch.